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About Us

Emma started her business as a hobby in 2010 after formulating a natural body scrub to use on herself and for her niece Lilly who really suffered with dry itchy patches on her legs and arms.  Lilly was only 4 years old at the time and often asked for Aunty Emma's magic scrub at bathtime.


Emma is a self tought soap maker and has spent many hours, days and weeks perfecting and trialling many different recipes and monitoring the results carefully.    Her belief is that skincare products should be totally natural and free from palm oil and preservatives of any kind.


Her background includes working for a well known UK cosmetics manufacturer and retailer as a saturday job whilst at college which developed her interest in the area of natural cosmetics.  


She now runs her business full time supplying independent gift boutiques, garden centres, salons and spas.


She sells direct to consumers via www.soapology.co.uk 


Soapology Studio is where she runs her soap making courses and workshops and takes bookings from individuals upto groups of 6.


Emma is often requested to visit the Women's Institute where she gives demonstrations and talks on the benefits of natural soap and skincare.