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Advanced Techniques Course

121 session


Cost £250 (3 hours plus follow up support)


Please contact Emma to discuss a convenient date for you to attend.


We offer an Advanced Techniques course which is 3 hours long and costs £250.  This course can only be taken after the Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making Course

has been completed or if after a chat with Emma she can make sure that you are ready to attend an advanced session if you have completed a beginners course elsewhere

or taught yourself.


You can book this course on our booking page.


You will learn advanced design techniques such as the column swirl, peacock swirl, mantra swirl, embeds and cupcake soaps.  We can also work with advanced ingredients

such as milks (coconut/almond/goats) and tea and coffee infusions.  We can also use beer to make soap.  All of these ingredients will be available to use on the day.