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Welcome to the Soapology Studio Blog......where we discuss and share all things soap :-)

By emmapuver, Sep 26 2016 12:23PM

Its been 5 months now since we moved to our new property and our workshop has been completed.

I really love the new space that we've custom designed to suit as both a space for me to manufacture my soaps, skincare products and orders but to also serve as a nice space to teach my group soapmaking courses.

Its much larger than my previous workshop, more than double the space and the layout is much better for a teaching environment. I have been teaching the group sessions monthly on the last Saturday of the month and the spaces have been filling up nicely which shows their is a demand for the subject which is great.

I love teaching enthusiastic newcomers the art of soapmaking and meeting new people who are creative and likeminded is actually quite lovely. I must admit that i'm not the most sociable of people, i'm quite shy around new people and often feel that because of my shyness when in large groups I quite often don't get a word in which does frustrate me sometimes. The soapmaking courses have tought me so much about myself really, I feel confident and that people do actually listen to what i'm saying. I am knowledgable in my subject and i have been told numerous times that that comes across so well and that my teaching style is informative and fun which is great.

Anyway, enough from me, here are some photos of our new Soapology Studio workshop for you to have a look at!

Happy Soaping,

Emma x

By emmapuver, Sep 10 2015 11:42AM

We have been inundated recently with people booking onto our Full Day 1-2-1 Soap Making Courses and we have absolutely loved meeting these lovely people. We have had people coming from all over the country to spend a day with us learning the art of soapmaking and taking home a few batches of lovely natural soap.

We have been doing at least one course a week and hope to continue at this level over the next few months in the run up to -dare I say it - Christmas! Yes, its not too long away now and a great advantage of booking onto our soapmaking courses in the next few weeks is that your soaps will be fully cured and ready to give away as Christmas presents.

Emma loves these soapmaking sessions with absolute beginners as it gives her a break from the other parts of the business and allows her to relax and enjoy the artistic creative side of the business. As the business has grown, she has less and less time available to simply just play so these sessions are very valuable to her.

Here are some pictures of a recent session with the lovely Liz.

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