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1st Feb - By Heather May - Half Day Soapmaking Workshop


Soapology on tour!!!  For one date only we will be taking the studio on tour to By Heather May, 8-10 Chapel Street, Ripley, DE5 3DL.
Join us for a fun morning of natural soapmaking on Saturday 1st February 2020.  Each student makes their own batch of cold process natural soap to take home using a variety of natural colours, essential oils and additives such as poppyseeds, oatsor botanical petals.  A batch is approx 650g and would be about a years supply of soap, making around 7 bars.  10am-1.30pm includes drinks and cakes.
The workshop includes a theory session, in which we will cover the History of soap, Why make your own soap, Ingredients and their properties, The Soap Calculator, Lye Safety, Essential oils and colour and much more.  Once the basics are understood, Emma will demonstrate the process and each student will then make their own batches 121 with Emma.